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Cold Forging

KINPARA METALS INDUSTRIES's manufacturing is an integrated system starting from die design. With the combined power of manufacturing and technology, we continue to push the limits of cold forging.

To improve QCD in press parts, it is critical that we eliminate waste and increase efficiency with an eye on the total process, from die design to final production. Through both the study of technology and improvement of our work on the factory floor, KINPARA continues its effort to expand the potential of cold forging.
  • Die Technology

    Die Technology

    Our unique strength has matured from the fusion of hard and soft, skill and innovation. KINPARA METALS INDUSTRIES continues to forge ahead to the future of cold forging technology.

  • Manufacturing


    KINPARA METALS INDUSTRIES meets demand for both high-mix, low-volume production and mass production, using our wide range production equipment and integrated system.